Logic ops hotkeyJoao Mineiro
Blur-based D.O.F. cheat for ActionJoel Pilger
3D Beams with ProjectorsMike Galbavy2006-05-22
lookat Expression Mnemonicjake parker2006-05-02
Export Image Hotkeys to Make Multiple Exports EasierJake Parker2006-03-24
Fine Tune X-Y Image ScalingJake Parker2006-02-20
3D 'Trapcode' Strokes in ActionJohn Montgomery2006-01-29
Radial blur in ActionLewis Saunders2005-10-31
Outputting 10bit in batchJeff Heusser2005-10-02
Extended Bicubic grid sizerJeff Heusser2005-09-20
Cool new icons or 'skins' for Flame/FlintRob Wright2005-09-17
Creating Dotted and Dashed LinesDavid Casey2005-06-28
3D tracking in action: Part 2 - Automatic 3D tracksMike Seymour2004-12-20
3D tracking in action: Part 1 - Manual 3D TracksJake Parker2004-12-10
Additive surface in actionSinan Vural2004-11-05
Volumetric Light SetupJeff Heusser2004-07-28
Directional blur by using simple expressionTon2004-06-22
12 bit goodness in an 8 bit worldXavier Bourque2004-06-15
Unsharp Mask in FFIMike Seymour2004-06-08
Polar Coordinates Tutorial - Part 2Mike Seymour2004-05-24
Roto strategies in FFIMike Seymour2004-05-20
Finding the Camera's Position TutorialPeter Webb2004-05-08
Blend modes for sky replacementSinan Vural2004-04-19
flame: Turn off Filtering to Keep Action Images SharpSimon Scott2004-03-28
flame: multi-res archivingJohn Montgomery2004-03-28
inferno: Clean up/Fix Less Framessimon scott2004-03-26
Flame: Camera Zoom StabilizationAlan Fairlie2004-03-22
laser sight beamBill Shearman2004-03-16
Fake Ground Shadows for 3D ObjectsMike Roy2004-03-12
flame: Take Control of BiLinear OffsetsSimon Scott2004-03-06
flame: Who's using my framestore?Sebastian Sylwan2004-03-03
Flame: How to get a fresh action nodeLeo lovera2004-03-02
55/85: broadcast monitor focus tipJohn Montgomery2004-01-30
55/85: scan mode tutorialJohn Montgomery2004-01-30
Mixed Res: Jet Fly By - Tutorial QuicktimeMike Seymour2003-10-23
Dynamic Modification of a Bilinear with 4 point trackingTim Farrell2003-08-07
New Maya to Inferno, Inferno to Maya mel scriptsTom Tiller2003-07-30
Poor Man's MosaicKuban Altan2003-07-01
Camera & Action in batchtoby2003-06-02
Adjusting garbage mattes in scene contextRichard Lyons2003-03-05
Using Projectors to Achieve Camera DistortionMike Seymour2003-03-04
v5/8 Gotchas (Updated 3/4/03)John Montgomery2003-02-16
Intro to Batch - QuickTime TutorialJohn Montgomery2003-02-14
Working with library changes in 5/8Jeff Heusser2003-02-12
Edit Bilinear Offsets While Viewing ResultJohn Montgomery2003-02-09
Using built-in shapes in KeyerJeff Heusser2003-02-04
Viewing all Clips on Reel w/o ExitingLi-May2003-01-13
Flame SkinsAreito Echevarria2002-10-11
Cartoon Shader in InfernoDanny Yoon2002-10-11
deinterlace and field mergegeoffroy2002-09-27
flame hack: Pin Cushion Particle SetupDanny Yoon2002-08-30
Pulling a key on MiniDVMark Curtis2002-08-09
animating to audio in actionMichael Yoon2002-08-02
Batch HTML Status PageJohn Montgomery2002-07-12
3D Text blur and shadow without expressionsTom Tiller2002-07-09
SPECIAL REPORT: Modular Keyer TutorialMike Seymour2002-06-28
Blur Trick - split focusMike Seymour2002-05-29
Blur 3D Text in Action Using Source NodesJohn Montgomery2002-05-21
Hungry Pirhanas - Multi Select Expressions & LookAtElfi Bernt2002-04-20
Quick guide to new stuff in 4.6 / 7.6fxguide team2002-04-05
Creating Jitter using ExpressionsHenry Birdseye2002-03-28
3D Studio Max Model & Texture Import into ActionElfi Berrnt2002-03-26
More Particle TipsMagno Urbano2002-03-26
Re-writing the header on an archive tapeWally Rodriguez2002-03-26
Selective color correction using the KeyerJesse Morrow2002-03-26
Graphing Functions - LifetimeI in functionsAlex Ortoll2002-03-26
Pre-Comping into Source NodesBob Thagard2002-03-26
Reflection Texture Maps in Action using ParticlesJake Parker2002-03-26
Batch Scripts - Cell Phone/Pager notificationJohn Montgomery & Mike Seymour2002-03-26
Poor Man's ExpressionsEric Schaecter2002-03-26
Slipping Clips in Action with ExpressionsHenry Birdseye2002-03-26
Stupid FFI TricksMke Seymour2002-03-26
Selective color correction using the Color WarperJeff Heusser2002-03-26
Simulating Technicolor using BatchButch Seibert2002-03-26
SPECIAL REPORT: Particle Functions OverviewJohn Montgomery2002-03-24
SPECIAL REPORT: Expressions TutorialJohn Montgomery2002-03-22
Video Archive Space EstimationRich Bobo2000-11-30
Bilinear OffsetsSimon Scott, Chris Staves2000-08-31
Modular Keyer TipsMike Seymour, Daniel Pettigrew2000-06-19
Grid Makingflame-news, Nicholas Gervay2000-05-25
Building a Monitor WallScott Ellman2000-05-18
Page Turn in Action Using a Deform NodeAlex Ortoll, Martin Helie2000-05-18
Keyboard Shortcut to Drag a Frame Out of a ClipSimon Scott2000-04-04
Heat Distortion using ParticlesBob Thagard2000-03-03
Additive Mix in Action with Transparency and MasksJeff Heusser2000-03-03
Day for NightJim Redden2000-03-03
Simulate Z MotionWally Rodriguez2000-03-03
Photoshop Screen Using BatchAlex Ortoll2000-03-02
Edge FlashingMark Holmes, Jon Baxter2000-03-02
Optical MixSteve Scott2000-03-02
Ultimatte tipsJeff Heusser2000-03-02
Combining Two Mattes via Source Nodesflame-news posting2000-03-02
Tracking Two Moving ImagesSteve Scott2000-03-02
Darken and Lighten Brush in PaintBeak2000-02-18
Blood StainsScott Ellman2000-02-18
Motion Blur on Still ObjectsJeff Heusser2000-01-01
Outline Text Using ActionKuban Altan, Jake Parker1999-12-27
Color Correct a Clip in a Soft EditSimon Scott1999-12-20
Output Clip to Record TCUdi Edni1999-12-20
Digital Wrinkle CreamPascal Bertram1999-12-16
Separating RGB in ActionHenry Birdseye1999-11-29
Alternate Chroma Key MethodScott Ellman1999-11-17
Using Matte Source Nodes to Help Clean and Edge in a CompPeter Koczera1999-10-21
Simple Vapor Particle SystemPeter Webb1999-10-21
Scanline look via interlaceAlan Latteri1999-10-12
Avid Time StrobeFred Ruckel and Mark Intravartolo1999-10-09
Compositing tipsEric Schaechter1999-09-27
BetacamSP Dropout FixKuban Altan1999-09-24

Stephane Harnois1999-09-21

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