14 tutorials and tips for Discreet SHAKE artists!

Free Video tutorials for Smoke and Fire 7Alan Souza2005-07-27
Creating Borders on Text in the DVEBrian Mulligan2005-07-09
Using Excel as an Animation Tool for smoke/fireCE Raum2005-05-16
Creating a selects reel for Tape-to-Tape after the conformtim farrell2005-03-20
3/2 pulldown in 720P projectstim farrell2005-02-01
How to Make a Line Wipe TransitionMark Longchamps2004-11-04
The dAMerCE Raum2004-09-08
Smoke ShortcutsBrian Fox2004-03-11
fire: Easy End Credits With Single Frame Image FilesJesse Morrow2004-03-05
3 Basic Uses of Layer Re-Entry in Fire/SmokeTim Farrell2003-10-17
Fire/Smoke - Combining Mattes in DVETim Farrell2003-09-30
Fire Tiling HelperJef Huey2003-01-28
Using 3D geom to import and zoomkaren m boyle2002-08-02
fire - Control Multiple Surfaces/AxesScott Ellman

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